Thursday, February 27, 2014

OLS2 - Details

If you joined us last month you will know that our design team spotlights cards that demonstrate those little details of design that make one-layer cards stand out. Looking at the designs of other card makers can give us all the inspiration to try something new on our one layer cards and give us the helpful hints we might need to make a really eye catching design.

Once again it was very hard to limit ourselves to just a few details. There were so many imaginative ways to use repetition on a card.

We hope you enjoyed our February One-Layer Simplicity challenge and that you are looking forward to March's challenge hosted by Karen Dunbrook.

Heather's Details

#71 Joyce M What can I say? Tilting the dress forms was a stroke of genius; it creates movement and the overlaps add a few more tones to the lovely colours chosen.

#81 Patti shows us how to make the sentiment an integral part of a simple design.

WPlus9 Bday 3, PTI MIM 152, LT 31, OLS 2
#103 Anita's positioning of the sentiment is beautifully done. The masking and placement show her attention to detail and balance.

Karen's Details

So many wonderful cards again this month in the gallery.  Here are 3 that I really liked:

#3 Toni's card was such a great example of colour variations and using a stencil over a stencil.

#10 Sue's watercolour flowers were wonderful and airy just like a watercolour picture.

#83 Mynn's hexagon card had such great detail and wonderful balance and colours.

Ardyth's Details

#85 - Lauren's choice of colours and simple shapes made this simple card stand out to me.

#79 - Gay's beautifully elegant card shows that using classic black and white is always stylish!

by karen @ carefree creations - New House

#90 - Karen's choice to use colour for her line images really reinforces her message.

Susan's Details

#23 Michelle W uses bling to create movement for the eye in an otherwise static graphic design

#45 Gillian R went super-clean with her design...but the chevron hearts pack an unexpected design punch

#52 Shirley-Bee used distressing so very well to soften her lovely trio of flowers


  1. I am in awe of all the lovely designs ladies...congrats! So many fabulous ideas!

  2. Thank you for compiling all the cards together, they are all inspiring.

  3. Karen, thank you so much for sharing my card! I LOVE all of these examples and had tons of fun playing along! Congrats to everyone else! :) Mynn xx

  4. My goodness--the highlighted cards are all so lovely. I am shocked and pleased to see my card as part of this group. Thank you and congratulations to all the other card artists.

  5. Oh happy day :D Thank you Ardyth for choosing my card! So many beauties here! Very well done everyone! I just love this new format, it's so positive although time consuming for the OLSC team. Thank you all !

  6. Thank-you! Susan, you picked the one element that was essential to my card - without the bling it just didn't work. ;-) Congratulations to everyone else highlighted in the Details. I'm loving this new format for One Layer Simplicity!

  7. Thanks so much, Heather ... seeing my card here is so thrilling! Congratulations to everyone highlighted ... an amazing gallery. I love reading the analysis of what it was about each card that appealed to the different members of the DT ... so much to new learning! Anita :)

  8. Thanks for showcasing my card, Susan! Congrats to everyone else whose card was highlighted.

  9. Thank you so much for show-casing my card! I am very honoured and congrats to everyone who was highlighted. Thank you for such a fun and inspirational blog. x