Saturday, January 30, 2016

OLS23 - Details

Susan here.

Heather's Sky's the Limit Challenge produced such a great diversity of cards...both in theme and style! I love that so many took the challenge and made it their own with such great-looking cards and just one layer. So much creativity! Many thanks to everyone who participated.

We've chosen some details that really caught our attention - we love the little details that make each card special!

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Susan's Details

Mac Mable combined crisp line stamping with a soft Brusho background for a lovely design anchored in a strong red focal point...and she finished the card with creative sentiment placement that works so well with the theme of the card.

Eun Ji Jung designed a sweet, soft "tea in the sky" card that uses layering of images, shading, and coloring to create amazing dimension and softness. I also like how she took tea to a whole new level that evokes nursery and dreams when combined with clouds and stars.

Birthday Star | by karen @ carefree creations

Karen Haman masked and used an embossing resist technique to create a soft constellation card that's out of this world! I particularly love the "ragged left edge" of her coloring that adds so much interest to the design. And all that white space makes me happy, too!

Karen's Details

Gail Townsend created such a fun card.  Love the few clouds she sponged into the background.  This would make such a super card for a guy.

Lindsey's snow card is so pretty with a bit of sparkle from using a Stella Wink pen.  I love the purity of this card and the way she coloured the snowflakes.

Shirley Bampton's butterfly card just has such a happy and uplifting feel.  Love the way those whimsical butterflies are watercoloured.

Ardyth's Details

I love how Jen's use of the upper portion of her card implies upward motion - very clever!

Lindsey's layered stamping adds depth and interest to her pretty snowflakes!

Foleysfriend's dramatic Northern Lights sky is allowed to be the focal point, by limiting the stamping.


  1. Thanks so much, Ardyth! So pleased to be in such great company!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! I loved all the different interpretations of this theme!